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Apocalyptic world arose from the failed experiments of scientists, thus will please the virus, which is transmitted from person to person.
Public services, the police and the army are unable to cope with the threat, and a few survivors are forced to fight for survival surrounded by many zombies.
Survivors purified the world from zombies and do zagoroditelnye wall, thus the world was divided into cleared areas from the zombies and mutants, the area with the possible habitats (zombies and mutants) and areas with lots of different people and mutated creatures have emerged due to further mutation of the virus!

In the context of the zombie apocalypse has a recipe for survival. It is necessary to find a weapon, to stock up with food and water sources of fire, warm and protective clothing, as well as an important set. As an important set of features: water filters, water bottles, food storage with a long knife, first aid kit.

Your task is to clear the world of mutants and stay alive!