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  • Max Players 24
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Welcome to BZcraft We have everything from B to Z, All we need is your A.

Rules: No Greifing, Be mature, Respectful to others especially staff, Have fun! :p

Restricted: Sacred Rubber Sapling, Florbs, World Anchor, Spot Loader, Chunk Loader.

Plugins: Griefprevention, Essentials, economy not yet implemented but is available.

We are a survival server, tons of stuff do to and work on. Team together or play alone, though I highly suggest playing with someone.

Additional Mods are added alongside the FTB Monster Mod-pack, Simple to understand install Instructions are on website.

Normal mode is on, its still hard with the additional monsters weve added. However, gregtech-addon is hard for creating advanced tools.

Itll take work to do what you want, we want active players.:D

White list application
Please Reply, forum reply on our website, or Email or PM me with the following answers to be approved for white-list.

1 In game name and age.
2 How active of a player will you be
2.5 Gregtech-Addon Hardmode is enabled. How do you make a Bucket, or a iron pick axe This is NOT a trick question.
3 Define in your own words what griefing is and do you do it

Additional Info you wish to add like Communication program, Skype, AIM, Yahoo, Email, whatever best way to communicate back to you with. :