Hello and Welcome to CRAZY CRAFT! 2.0

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 1000
  • Players 57
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This is a modpack called
"CrazyCraft 2.0" please download the launcher from voids wrath website
come and play with us we offer the Best ! Survival to start your
adventure! we have the helpful staff to help your journey along the way!
so come and play for those who are wondering you can even use the
command "/back" and "/tpa" Etc commands! we use Grief Preventions to
claims your land/etc if you have any Questions at all please don't
hesitate to ask ! staff member's be Glad to hear your questions !
The CrazyCraft V2.0 Mod pack is a mod pack based around, you guessed
it! CRAZINESS! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is minecraft like
you’ve never seen it. There are various new Mobs, structures, weapons,
the list is endless! You really won’t understand the true power of the
pack until you play it yourself. The pack really makes you feel like
you’re living in the world of Dr Zeus, it’s completely bonkers, one
minute you could be killing a cow, then you’ll morph in to a cow, then a
Kraken could possibly spawn above your head, you’ll have to ask your
friend to shoot you away with his gravity gun just in time. No two
people could have the same experience with this Pack. There are over 50
mods, all chosen for their bizarreness and completely random nature. But
don’t be fooled, this mods fit perfectly together and have been
calibrated for the most amazing playing experience!