DayZ Minecraft

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Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 70
  • Players 3
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GTA HD, Metro 2033 HD, DayZ in Minecraft - This is the reality!
Standing more than 250 people online
Unique server with a special atmosphere, hundreds of quests, NPC, types of clothing, weapons, armor, and a lot of firearms in 3D!
And this is only a small part of what we have!
DayZ - a unique server postapokalipsisa. The game is a modification to the processing of the same name game Arma 2 created by game designer Dean Hall.
The game takes place in a fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus, whose residents as a result of a disaster turned into aggressive zombies. Managed player character has to survive in a hostile environment, avoiding enemies and mining in abandoned buildings, weapons, food and other supplies. At the same time with him on the same card are other players; each player has the right to kill the other player characters, avoid them or integrate them into groups for mutual survival.