Lockette, Grief Prevention, Mcmmo, ChestShop

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  • Status Online
  • Max Players 40
  • Players 0
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We are a good community with not very many players, but thats why your reading this right? We use to be a very big community until a little bit ago something happened players just left us alone and never came back. THIS IS OUR COMEBACK to the world and hope you will be part of it! We have a spawn etc, with a bit of stuff out there to mess around with. We have very good staff, but we take no exceptions when it comes to our rules. We (Staff) will be on daily to check up on things. We do take complaints on our Mibbit chat(All links will be below) and we will help as much as we can. Now to the big things going on. We do have many servers. Tekkit is just one of them we have. We dont have a greylist or whitelist.

If you have anything you need to tell us or recommend something about the server tell jadon_guy or thevortex.

Uptime: 247


Plugins: Lockette, GriefPrevention, Mcmmo, WorldGuard, and Chestshop. We did have Factions, but is causes to much trouble.

Rules: Rule #1 Respect all staff! Rule #2 Do not ask for rank or op! Rule #3 Do not ask for items! Rule #4 Racist Remakes will not be tolerated! Rule #5 What Staff say is final, and dont argue! Rule #6 Dont spam or troll when it comes to players that care about there work they have done! Rule #7 If you see someone breaking a rule tell us! Rule #8 Dont grief Rule #9 Dont be a dick! We have the right to add more rules if we need too!

Banned Items: We have none. Banned Mods: We have none.

Staff: Owner: thevortex Head-Admin: Jadon_Guy Admin: Lectavison