GTA San Andreas

industrial craft, buildcraft, rail craft, redpower, forestry, dayz, flan’s, divine rpg, gregtech

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 70
  • Players 10
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GTA HD, Metro 2033 HD, DayZ in Minecraft - This is the reality!
Standing more than 250 people online
Unique server with a special atmosphere, hundreds of quests, NPC, types of clothing, weapons, armor, and a lot of firearms in 3D!
And this is only a small part of what we have!
You are all loved to play GTA: SA? But you want to feel nostalgia, playing a completely different game? Then you came to the right address - server GTA game project The Wortex at your service! To navigate on foot or transport the familiar pain to the streets - our server has a well-designed map of Grove Street and other locations of the infamous game! Perform tasks and receive money for them - is present on the server has its own economy! Buy everything from food to weapons to lift all restrictions on the development - a great variety of resources to trade on the server! Improve their reputation in the eyes of the other players - it's possible that you join the ranks of one of the many powerful server groups! Fight hordes of bandits, hostile groups and players to finish some valuable experience and resources.
The city is divided into 2 halves, the main difference between them turn on and off PvP mode! Rental and purchase of housing, racing in cars, gunfire with gangs and gang interaction with traders and other players - that's what our famous server. Rise from the garbage and walk up to the top of the criminal world fame! GTA - and you'll be able to survive in the urban slums? ...