Keneti Tekkit Lite

Custom Plugins!

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 256
  • Players 12
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We are a new community!

We have our focus on Tekkit lite, We have a Non PVP world using the Grief Prevention plugin golden shovel for land protection. We have configured this to protect all blocks against grief in your personal land claim. We have a Server Economy that has its very own Player Shops and Admin Shop.

Quarrying Is Allowed on the Mineral World. You can have up to 4 quarries running simultaneously

We have a few banned items to help prevent grief to players claims, players themselves, the server the server economy. When the server is going smooth we will attempt to unban as many of them as we can.

Keeping yourself within the rules will avoid your own disappointment. Punishments for grief will vary depending on severity. Grief can take many forms and we consider some of these to be Scamming players out of their hard earned items or in game money, Breaking Blocks in the claim while having no permission to do so, making game play unpleasant for a player by harassment and/or bulling.