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  • Status Online
  • Max Players 70
  • Players 2
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STALKER - A fairly popular assembly, created by a team of developers The Wortex.

Apocalyptic world, recreated the explosion at the Chernobyl AES, broke the hundreds and thousands of happy lives. Broken lives, trampled human dignity and pride, the person threw the trash ... People have become angrier, more aggressive and bloodthirsty. Ruined city that you saw for the first time - so now the whole world looks, which appeared not disappear so easily. Each of those who have survived, are now obliged to dig in slops climb in water separator and enter the abandoned areas in search of food, weapons and other resources that are necessary for survival. There is no room left humanity, because any companion - your potential target, whose death will bring life to you or others. Life is now no more than a backpack with supplies ... Gather your group of survivors and lead them to the light! Collect food, ammunition and useful resources on the ruins of the destroyed city! Find an abandoned building to transform it into a guarded fortress! Establish production resources and put them on sale! Start your own business, Arrange a monopoly on resources and Get Rich by their commercial skills! The main thing - do not die halfway to happiness ... For any such case, we can not predict ...