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  • Status Online
  • Max Players 250
  • Players 36
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Factions | Raids | PVP | iConomy | Custom Plugins | 24/7 Dedicated

ShadyCraft Factions offers a unique Hardcore Faction PvP environment. There are tons of skilled and dedicated players, so you will always have a challenge. Staff members are always willing to help, and are very mature. With a 250 slot server, there is plenty of room for PvP and raiding.
You can vote at to earn 5000 ShadyDollars ingame. Every time you vote, your account will be credited as long as you fill in all the fields correctly.

-Lots of other cool plugins!


Depending on someone’s staff rank, they may not be able to play factions. This is to prevent anyone using their staff powers to give themselves an unfair advantage.
Staff Ranks:

- JrMod
- Moderator
- SrMod (Not able to play Factions)
- Admin (Not able to play Factions)
- HeadAdmin (Not able to play Factions)
- Owner (Not able to play Factions)

Our donator ranks are all fair, so donators don’t receive an incredible advantage over regular players.To find out more information about our staff ranks, please visit or feel free to ask an Admin or other staff member, ingame.

Donator Ranks:
- Squire ($5)
- Duke ($10)
- Lord ($25)
- Legend ($50)
- Baron ($75)
- Hero ($100)
- Prince ($150)
- Champion ($200)
- King ($250)


ShadyCraft offers a plethora of factions to choose from. Most of our factions enjoy constant raids, but we also offer factions that are more laid back.

We have simple rules that all players can easily abide by, and they can be viewed on our forums or just type /rules in game!

Visit us at:

Our TeamSpeak: