.:Thinker~Craft:. FTB Unleashed 1.1.7

FTB, Towny, Shop Plots, Multiverse

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 120
  • Players 2
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.:Thinker~Craft:. Network,
where creations comes first!!!

Our Servers has tons of useful Plugins, to help members create the environment they like. We have an amazing community that works together to build great buildings. Friendly mature Staff to help you with any problems you might come across. Freshly made Map, so users can have more fun...

PvPGrefing in wilderness is Accepted.

- Towny Shops
- Multiverse For mining
- Randomtp
- Pvp Timer To Give extra protection
- MiniGames:-Including Test your skills games.
Location:- Netherlands

Direwolf20 v 1.6.1:-
- Towny
- Economy:-Player shops
- Multiverse
- Randomtp
- Morphing to mobs
Location:- USA
Our Servers has only few banned items, which some you can buy them from our web-store.

Unleashed 1.1.7 server IP: un.thinkercraft.net
Infinity 1.10.1 Server IP: inf.thinkercraft.net
Direwolf20 1.6.1 Server IP: dw20.thinkercraft.net

Join Us Have Fun with your friends
Hope to see you on our Servers.