Threads of Fate RPG

survival, pvp, no whitelist, pirate, clans, event, rpg, economy, private, pve

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 50
  • Players 0
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--- New developing project Minecraft -----

Server heads for RPG-project! Active work on the construction of the city for future factions. There are thoughtful story. It is also planned shooting of the film! The active helpers at the end of the beta will get high positions in fractions created! So do not waste your chance - join, help, offer ideas, and you certainly hear! =)

-! Version 1.7.2 Lane! -

1. Separate launcher, with which you can download the game client at high speed
2. Beautiful site with a private office, where you can put your skin, buy goods and services, to replenish the balance.
3. On the server - a lot of interesting mods and useful plug-ins that will make your game even more enjoyable!
4. At the beginning of the game - a starter kit beginner. As the game progresses new things and things you can find, get in a fight with the monsters (which is now more), or crafted themselves! Also available VIP with its own characteristics.
5. Equipped spawn with traders and shops.
6. RPG with the presence of the plot
7. Responsive Administration (shkolotu send forests)
8. Join us, will not be sorry! =)