xTcR Pixelmon 3.5.1


Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 100
  • Players 2
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✔ 3x Experience ✔ Safari Zone Weekends ✔ Pixelmon 3.5.1
✔ Shiny Starters ✔ EVTrainiing ✔ Minigames ✔ Towny
✔ 99.9 Uptime ✔ Keep Inventory ✔ No hunger ✔ Teams
✔ No Grief ✔ Golden Shovel ✔ Player Gyms ✔ NoFallDamage
✔ Custom Survival.Adventure Map
✔ Events ✔ Upcoming Quests ✔ New Vote Point Store
✔ Friendly Staff ✔ Weekend Tournaments ✔ Teamspeak 3

xTcR Pixelmon server is looking to grow and expand. We have a large variety of things to offer from Hidden loot stashes all over the custom map world, to upcoming safari events held during the weekends inside the end! While we are still young and new to the pixelmon community we have great potential to grow and become a dedicated server. Our staff members are constantly online, willing to help and support the players all we ask is that you have fun and respect your fellow players.

We will be choosing Users from the community for Gym leaders to fill the spots 15+ Gyms available and growing. Some of these include:
Electric, Water, Fire, Grass, Rock, Steel, Dark, Poison, etc.

We will always update to the new pixelmon mod once it has been released and stable enough to use with little bug problems. We are here for the players and will continue to give the best experience desired to play!

Join Today for your free shiny starter. We have many contests from build contests to forum graphic contests for everyone to take part! Goodluck.