InfectedRPG DayZ

A Minecraft Server

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 100
  • Players 75
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InfectedRPG is a DayZ based Minecraft server. Your main goal in this game is to survive by any means, however thats not all there is to do. Loot tons of places around the massive 20k x 20k map like towns, cities, army bases, dungeons and much more! Kill zombies to earn tokens and use them to rank up or buy gear! Find and shoot over 100 different guns and explosives custom to our server. PvP with other players or make allies to survive in clans (/clan). Fly helicopters to travel huge distances safetly and fast. Captain boats to travel accross massive oceans to island and other continents. Explore the vast landscape and over 200 towns and cities (Biggest custom DayZ map in minecraft). Unlock cool abilities and kits by ranking up using your tokens (ingame currency).

This is one of the most complicated but addicting games in minecraft... Stick around and you will fall in love!