survival, without whitelist, pirate, clans, event, rpg, economy, private

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 60
  • Players 2
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General information about the server Divine RPG:
Version: 1.7.10
PvP: On
Difficulty: Simple
The cries of people who are lost in the noise shields and swords ... growling monsters that lurk in caves and underground passages ... siege of the fortress, constructed with the help of magic and protected by invisible forces ... Build a shelter and mining resources - besides the usual ores, you're sure to meet new precious stones and metals are very strong! Pump the basic skills - whether it's acrobatics, possession or production of wood with an ax. Create your unique equipment - pick him choosing between dozens of different options that have their own special features! Learn the basics of magic - get new items and spells that you will strengthen its weapons and armor! Discover the new dimension and Destroy monsters - get the experience that you can send in the right direction and useful! Rearrange your shelter and turn it into a fortress - you need more bins and yard for your production and new rooms! Create your own clan - the power of the strongest players gather under one roof! Arrange the war and make alliances with others, climb up and become the best on the server! Support the economy of the server - do not let it disappear or collapse! Ideal for hiking, raids, receptions and banquets for the glory of his name and the name of your clan! Write your name in the history of the server forever!
More than 12 of the worlds unique worlds
More than 80 types of armor.
Over 120 weapons.
More than 150 new new mobs.
We hope you like what we have, we will be waiting for you with us)
Thank you for attention!