Minecraft 1.7 servers

Excellent servers Minecraft 1.7 are designed for cooperative play with friends. The new version of the game have changed the generation of the world and added a lot of decorative items for home decoration. Collect new types of blocks, and craft a variety of items. Interact with the players on the server Minecraft 1.7 and unite to play together. Survive, develop and build everything what you want.

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Minecraft Servers List

Version, addons
Server IP
Pentablocs minecraft server
Servidor PentaBlocs: pvp, factions, survival, parcelas, economia, tiendas y mas. Se hacen eventos muy a menudo con una comunidad
DCP Minecraft sVanilla
blfriends, chest lock, block protection, simpleAFK, AntiXray, AntiCheat
Forgotten Promises
Essentials PermissionsEX TimeIsMoney