By adding your server to our online server list you can increase online and popularity of your server. In order to achieve best results in terms of attracting players and giving them most accurate info on the servers, we use PR points, which you can earn by different means:

  1. Provide a detailed description to the server. Description of more than 600 symbols will give your server 60 PR. Please, take your time to create a colorful and rich description, so that the players get interested in your server. PR are allocated automatically, but plagiarism will not be tolerated: if we spot a description stolen from another server or souce, the server and its owner might get banned.
  2. Add some screenshots giving an image of your server. For each screenshot your server will receive 10 PR. You can add up to 6 screenshots.
  3. If your server has its own website, you may write it in the corresponding field. If the website has an url leading to its page on, your server will receive 100 PR.