SERB-CRAFT§r Network

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 1500
  • Players 632
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SERB-CRAFT was founded in August 2010 as a Survival without plugins, and today ranks with some of the best servers in the entire Balkans and Europe!
Today actively arranging our website and forum that are much frequented both in Serbia and the region.
We try to make this community a symbol of Serbia, we are that we can do what our predecessors could not?

The owners of this community are Batica and Manic12, and there are also our Moderators and Admins!

This network has over the server and all are on one IP address:
>> HUB
> Survival
> Rol3Play
> SurvivalGames
> SkyBlock
> MiniGames

Get in on the server to hang out, have some fun and enjoy it!