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★ TIGER CLAN WARS ★ 1.7.10 ★ Military clan server for thrill-seekers. You can capture enemy territory, take away its resources to defeat his base legally. About 60 types of firearms with 3D models and animations. The clan system privates! Undermine approaches to their base, or undermine the enemy base. Full PVP, even in private! Monitoring the balance of weapons. A skilled newcomer has a real chance to kill in a duel player development. Perform tasks from NPC, earn and buy scarce resources. Develop, create weapons, rebuilding the bunker, bargain, make alliances and declares war. FASHION: ★ Flans mod ★ Ender IO ★ Immerive Ingeneering ★ Tinkers' Construct ★ Extra Utilites ★ Custom NPC ★ Iguana Tincer Tweaks ★ BiomesOplenty ★ Infernal Mobs ★ War Stuff ★ Plant mega pack ★