Comunidad NoseCraft

NoseCraft 1.8.8 Survival, ZombieFest, Tekkit

Server info
  • Status Online
  • Max Players 500
  • Players 3
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The community has its servers NoseCraft PREMIUM

- Server survival under version 1.8.8 you will find the adventure, fun and much more

- Server Zombie Fest on this server version 1.8.8 is only for the bravest and you'll be alone against a zombie apocalypse Do you dare to enter

- Server with Mods, a server configured with 100 mods that will delight players.


- Our servers have plugins to facilitate the stay in the community as comfortable as possible.
- Improved security server to make for an enjoyable stay.
- Server without lag to enjoy every moment playing on the server.
- Multiple Mini games so you always have fun.
- Events in all servers.
- We have TS3 server, own Wiki, online statistics, status of online servers and much more, come and discover them.

So come and join, for more information you can find us on our website, fb and twitter.